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Supercharged Towing - The Right Supercharger For Towing, Low RPM, And Power Under Load

Superchargers are not just for high speeds, they are used extensively in vehicles that do a lot of low end work, hauling and towing, vehicles under load, especially in the mountains. The Whipple twin screw supercharger is the one we find the best for this kind of work, because of the instant boost at low rpm, and the constant availability of full boost all the way through the powerband, the rpm range - with no sudden surges of power to upset your driving. las vegas payday loans

S&S Auto In Denver

Superchargers for extra power when towing

The way to get extra automotive power is through supercharging the engine. Superchargers are not just for speed, they're for any vehicle or driving situation that calls for extra torque and horsepower.

Often the time you need power the most is at slow speeds, but turbochargers and most superchargers aren't any good at low rpm, they take time to spool up the power, and deliver power in surges - power surges could get you in trouble driving or towing a load, especially in the mountains. And there's the high-altitude difference that has to be worked into the supercharging solution.

Suddenly there's the Whipple supercharger

The solution is Whipple Superchargers, installed by the Rocky Mountain high altitude supercharging experts, S&S Automotive in Denver Colorado. The Whipple twin-screw supercharger delivers continual boost with no surges, all the way from idle to redline. Continuous extra power on demand, from the gas pedal when you want it, with no surprises.

WHipple's smooth power curve delivers supercharged power without surges. Continual boost on demand. Vehicles used for towing lose their sluggishness quickly with the twin screw supercharger. The added torque makes accelerating, passing, and hill-climbing effortless, and counters the power loss of high altitude.

Whisper Quiet Supercharger - Invisible Too

As a bonus, the Whipple supercharger makes no noise, and it's invisible - it bolts on to the engine without any modifications to the hood, and it doesn't void your warranty, and can even improve fuel consumption and prolong the life of the engine!

Supercharging has grown up - use it for towing your family vacation trailer

Supercharging is not just for hot rods anymore - it's for the family SUV or truck or car that needs more power to pull a load, especially in tougher conditions. Supercharging may be the answer to your next vacation.

And if you're coming to the Rocky Mountains, or traveling anywhere in higher elevations, give us a call first and let us give you some handy tips to help you make the trip a success.

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S&S Auto In Denver

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