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Whipple Supercharger For The PT Cruiser

The Chrysler PT Cruiser was a vehicle begging for enthusiast modifications - Whipple obliged with a supercharger kit made especially for the PT. Featuring the Whipple twin screw positive displacement compressor for instant boost on demand, from idle to redline - super quiet, no hood modification required, and looking factory built when installed. Emissions legal all 50 states, and like all Whipple systems, engineered for fuel economy.

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Chrysler 2000-2003 PT Cruiser

The PT Cruiser made a hit from the beginning, and all it needed was an extra surge of power - Whipple took care of that with a twin screw supercharger performance kit designed for the PT. In Whipple's usual style, the kit looks OEM factory built when installed - a sleek and finely engineered, bolt-on supercharger that passes all state and federal emission tests, and is super quiet.

For the PT Cruiser, Whipple used the exclusive 1.2L Whipple Charger and built a compact OEM quality supercharger system, engineered for fuel economy and reliability - it looks stock from the factory, and delivers instant boost on demand, with the twin-screw's famous instant throttle response.

Imagine your PT Cruiser with V8 torque and power from idle to redline. This is what the Whipple twin-screw supercharger delivers. With the Whipple twin-screw supercharger, boost is instant allowing for more low-end torque and continuous throttle response - the torque curve is flat, and around 55% increase throughout the entire RPM range! Horsepower is the same, around 55% increase.

It's A No-Noise Supercharger For The PT Cruiser.

And the noise of a Whipple Twin-Screw Supercharger has to be heard to be believed because there isn't any! The twin-screw is a whisper quiet supercharger.

The Whipple supercharger for the PT Cruiser comes with Whipple's superior computer monitoring system, that works with the stock CPU to control engine functions for emissions and proper, engine-safe operation.

The interface computer system continually monitors air-fuel ratio and knock system outputs for OEM standard reliability - Whipple's exclusive "active boost control" system can cut boost immediately if a problem should ever occur, returning the engine to natural aspiration, minimizing the threat of damage to the engine.

And Whipple's specially designed air-bypass system enables the PT Cruiser twin-screw supercharger system to operate at cruising speeds at the cost of only 1hp - small price, and great fuel mileage.

See what MOTOR TREND had to say when Whipple supercharged a PT Cruiser:

Motor Trend was able to get a 15.27 second quarter mile from the five-speed, a savings of about 1.3 seconds - more significantly, zero-to-sixty times declined from 8.8 seconds to 7 seconds flat.
Read their full track test review here:

And be sure and visit ptcruizer.com


Whipple Superchargers EXCLUSIVE Features For Chrysler PT Cruiser

  • Twin-screw type Whipple Charger
  • Most efficient supercharger on the market
  • Coolest air charge in the industry
  • Up to 55% horsepower increase
  • Up to 55% torque increase through engines entire operating rpm
  • Interface computer system for complete engine management
  • Instant boost at the touch of the throttle
  • Flat torque curve for excellent throttle response
  • Can actually increase fuel mileage when cruising
  • Whipple Superchargers designed air bypass system for increased fuel economy and low emissions
  • Low noise level for sleek operation
  • Active boost control for increased reliability
  • Exclusive hi-flow intake system
  • All parts meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • No internal modifications needed
  • Completed installation looks factory installed
  • All castings are heat treated to aircraft specifications
  • Kits have all parts required to complete installation
  • 1 year warranty

Black finish $3,650.00 || Polished $4,250.00




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